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Memos to Campus

Advisory Committee on Student Housing

November 25, 2003


Dear Colleagues:

As UCSB plans for the future, we will need to carefully study the present student housing program and try to anticipate growth and changes that will be needed in the years ahead. Our student housing program will need to respond to changing demands for campus-managed student housing in the context of the supply of rental units, rental rates, and services that are provided by the private market. The program must take into account housing policies and programs in the local communities that surround the campus and address the changing academic and personal profile of our incoming students.  

UCSB intends to provide the best intellectual and social environment for its students. Correct decisions regarding the number, type, and location of future student housing units will help to ensure that we not only meet this important goal, but that we also remain competitive with other schools in enrolling the best new classes of students who are admitted to UCSB. Policies regarding related matters such as rental rates for student housing, renewal of housing infrastructure, renovation of existing housing facilities, construction of new facilities, and acquisition of housing properties in proximity to the campus will influence the quality and quantity of student housing units maintained and operated by the campus. These policies will also influence the success of our campus in enrolling the best classes of new students and in retaining ongoing students.

In order to provide oversight of activities in areas related to student housing, I will seek the assistance of an Advisory Committee on Student Housing that will work throughout 2003-04. This Chancellor¡¦s Advisory Committee on Student Housing will provide advice and guidance on all policies and decisions that influence the student housing program. The Committee will be responsible for oversight of elements of the Campus Housing Master Plan related to student housing, and it will participate in coordinated efforts with other campus groups to ensure that the student housing program is well coordinated with planning for faculty and staff housing.


Henry T. Yang




Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Student Housing
Richard Watts (Chair), Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Special Assistant to the Chancellor for the Long Range Development Plan
Apostolos Athanassakis, Professor, Classics; Faculty Resident Director of Learning, Manzanita Village
Randolph Bergstrom, Associate Professor, History; Vice Chair, Academic Senate Undergraduate Council
Catherine Cole, Associate Professor, Dramatic Art; Vice Chair, Academic Senate
Stephen DeCanio, Professor, Economics
Yolanda Garcia, Executive Director, Student Academic Support Services
Yonie Harris, Dean of Students
Martie Levy, Director of Capital Development, Budget and Planning
Gale Morrison, Professor, Education; Chair, Academic Senate Graduate Council
Associated Students, TBA
Graduate Students Association, TBA
Residence Halls Association, TBA
Staff Assembly/Chancellor's Staff Advisory Council, TBA
Ex officio:
Wilfred Brown, Executive Director, Housing and Residential Services
Marc Fisher, Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Design and Facilities
Everett Kirkelie, Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative and Auxiliary Services
Jody Kaufman, Executive Director, Academic Affairs
Todd Lee, Assistant Chancellor, Budget and Planning
Bill McTague, Director, Resource Planning, Student Affairs
Robert Silsbee, Planning and Resource Manager, Administrative and Auxiliary Services