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Welcome to UC Santa Barbara!

It is my great honor to serve this vibrant campus community, where breakthroughs in scholarship, research, and discovery happen every day. This is made possible through our commitment to academic excellence, diversity, accessibility, and affordability, areas in which we consistently receive high national and international rankings.

We proudly enroll a competitive and diverse student body of more than 23,000 students. These students are the heart of our educational mission, and the motivation of our faculty and staff. They are part of a strong university family that has included six faculty Nobel Laureates; hundreds of elected members of prestigious national academic organizations; and countless distinguished alumni, including an alumna who won a Nobel Prize in 2009.

Our combined successes are the result of a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration that is responsive to the needs of our state, our nation, and our global society. As we educate the next generation of future leaders, we strive to nurture not just great scholars, but good stewards who will go out and impact the world.


Henry T. Yang

Recent Memos to the Campus

March 1, 2018 Sad News - Professor Emeritus Waldo Tobler
February 6, 2018 Appointment of University Librarian
February 2, 2018 Sad News - Professor Emeritus Joseph Polchinski
January 17, 2018 2018 United Way Campaign
January 15, 2018 Commuting Assistance During Freeway Closure
January 10, 2018 Winter Storm Update
January 6, 2018 New Year's Message
December 17, 2017 Thomas Fire Update - Extending Staff Emergency Leave Policy
December 14, 2017 Thomas Fire Thursday Update
December 13, 2017 Thomas Fire Update - Staff Emergency Leave Policy
December 10, 2017 Thomas Fire Sunday Update - Finals Week Rescheduled for January
December 9, 2017 Thomas Fire Saturday Update
December 8, 2017 Thomas Fire Update - Finals Week Plan
December 7, 2017 Thomas Fire Update (5:50pm)
December 7, 2017 Thomas Fire Update
December 6, 2017 Thomas Fire
December 4, 2017 Advisory Task Force on Childcare
November 29, 2017 Federal Tax Proposals
November 28, 2017 Sad News - Professor Emeritus Carlos Garcia Barron

Chancellor Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

(805) 893-2231
(805) 893-8717 Fax
5221 Cheadle Hall

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UCSB in the News

  • A Deficit of Sense

    When President Trump imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports March 8, he said he was “defending America’s national security” from countries that have trea…

  • Wasting Away

    Five years ago, a mysterious disease began crippling sea star populations along the West Coast. Many sea star species died in record-breaking numbers over a sho…

  • Rebuilding Santa Barbara

    Aiming to explore all facets of the fiscal health of the Central Coast as it rebounds from a catastrophic winter, UC Santa Barbara’s Economic Forecast Project (…

  • A Natural Fertilizer

    It’s long been known that sharks help nourish coral reefs, but exactly to what extent has never been scientifically mapped out — until now. A pioneering study —…

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expansion

    Long recognized as fertile ground for entrepreneurship and innovation, UC Santa Barbara now has a space dedicated to the sharing of ideas and resources to culti…

  • Storm Information and Updates

    The approaching winter storm poses no risk to the campus from potential debris flows. UCSB is a significant distance from the burn areas that could be impacted…

  • Happiness Is ...

    The Princeton Review recently named UCSB students the happiest in California. On International Day of Happiness, it’s only fitting that some of those students s…

  • Stem Cells Treat Macular Degeneration

    In July 2015, 86-year-old Douglas Waters developed severe age-related macular degeneration (AMD). He struggled to see things clearly, even when up close. A few…

  • Fighting Illegal Fishing

    Short-term pain for long-term gain. When applied to the reform of global fisheries, this strategy could yield enormous benefits. If only it were that easy. For…

  • A Market-Based Approach

    In the early 1900s, New York City began paying for land management in the Catskills watershed to ensure safe drinking water for the city, avoiding the cost of b…

  • Reducing Collateral Damage

    Healthier fish stocks. Higher catches. Profits from fishing. Is there a way to achieve these holy grails of commercial fisheries without harming endangered spec…

  • Remembering Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking, who died Mar. 14 — Albert Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day — had a brilliant mind and a puckish sense of humor. Gary Horowitz experienced it firs…

  • A Meeting of the Science Minds

    Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University (front) joined some of the world’s leading physicists who came together at UCSB in 2001. Among others were, back, left t…

  • Saving Lives

    Last year, 81 million people worldwide experienced severe food insecurity. About 80 percent of them live in Africa. While much of that food insecurity relates t…

  • A Lesson from Darwin

    When British naturalist Charles Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands in 1835, he took notice of the giant kelp forests ringing the islands. He believed that…

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