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Welcome to UC Santa Barbara!

It is my great honor to serve this vibrant campus community, where breakthroughs in scholarship, research, and discovery happen every day. This is made possible through our commitment to academic excellence, diversity, accessibility, and affordability, areas in which we consistently receive high national and international rankings.

We proudly enroll a competitive and diverse student body of more than 23,000 students. These students are the heart of our educational mission, and the motivation of our faculty and staff. They are part of a strong university family that has included six faculty Nobel Laureates; hundreds of elected members of prestigious national academic organizations; and countless distinguished alumni, including an alumna who won a Nobel Prize in 2009.

Our combined successes are the result of a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration that is responsive to the needs of our state, our nation, and our global society. As we educate the next generation of future leaders, we strive to nurture not just great scholars, but good stewards who will go out and impact the world.


Henry T. Yang

Recent Memos to the Campus

September 13, 2017 Search Advisory Committee for Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
September 5, 2017 A message regarding DACA
September 1, 2017 New Student Convocation on September 25, 2017
August 24, 2017 Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services Marc Fisher
July 13, 2017 Dean of Extension Michael Brown
July 11, 2017 Acting University Librarian
July 10, 2017 Sad News - Professor Emeritus David Brokensha
June 15, 2017 Appointment of Dean of Social Sciences
June 8, 2017 University Salary Increases for 2017-18

Chancellor Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

(805) 893-2231
(805) 893-8717 Fax
5221 Cheadle Hall

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UCSB in the News

  • Band Gaps, Made to Order

    Control is a constant challenge for materials scientists, who are always seeking the perfect material — and the perfect way of treating it — to induce exactly t…

  • ‘At the Pinnacle’

    Shuji Nakamura, a UC Santa Barbara professor of materials — and a Nobel laureate — has been awarded the 2017 Mountbatten Medal by the Great Britain-based Instit…

  • ‘Be Prepared’

    Mother Nature has an exquisite sense of irony. On Sept. 19, 1985, Mexico City experienced an 8.0 earthquake that killed at least 5,000 people. Thirty-two years…

  • Creativity Unbound

    Unveiling a treasure trove of entertainment this fall, UC Santa Barbara is showcasing a stellar selection of musicians, artists, singers, exhibits, film screeni…

  • Moving Days

    Welcome, Daniels — all 79 of you — and you 69 Emilys, too. Such are the most popular names among the new and returning UC Santa Barbara students moving onto cam…

  • Shedding Light on Brain Activity

    A multidisciplinary team of researchers, including UC Santa Barbara scientists John Bowers, Michael Goard and Luke Theogarajan, has been awarded $9 million from…

  • A Culture Re-examined

    For decades, scholars who studied Mississippian culture — a vast network of Native American settlements from Florida to Minnesota from roughly 800 AD to 1500 —…

  • Community First

    UC Santa Barbara’s Economic Forecast Project (EFP) is bringing back a once popular, but long defunct, program to examine the overall health of the region. The 2…

  • Cultivating Marine Biomass

    One of the most productive organisms on Earth, giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) depends on nutrients from the surrounding water column to maintain its photosyn…

  • Ironing Out a Puzzle

    Alison Butler has never met Canadian chemist and philanthropist Alfred Bader, but they have something important in common. Harvard-educated Bader is considered…

  • Social Impact

    Asking the right question is key to producing an accurate survey. Not only must the question be right — it must be asked in the right way. Consider the first-ev…

  • Corrosion in Real Time

    What affects almost everything made of metal, from cars to boats to underground pipes and even the fillings in your teeth? Corrosion — a slow process of decay.…

  • The Lucky One

    Luck is often more than random good fortune; it’s the product of vision and planning. Just ask Ruben Maldonado. A few years ago he worked for General Motors as…

  • Deadline for DACA Permit Renewal Approaching

    This morning, UC President Janet Napolitano and the chancellors of the 10 UC campuses sent a letter offering guidance for students and other UC community member…

  • Farming Fish

    Steephead parrotfish (Chlorurus microrhinos) are picky eaters. In the central Pacific, however, they appear to have taken matters into their own hands — er, fin…

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