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Welcome to UC Santa Barbara!

It is my great honor to serve this vibrant campus community, where breakthroughs in scholarship, research, and discovery happen every day. This is made possible through our commitment to academic excellence, diversity, accessibility, and affordability, areas in which we consistently receive high national and international rankings.

We proudly enroll a competitive and diverse student body of more than 23,000 students. These students are the heart of our educational mission, and the motivation of our faculty and staff. They are part of a strong university family that has included six faculty Nobel Laureates; hundreds of elected members of prestigious national academic organizations; and countless distinguished alumni, including an alumna who won a Nobel Prize in 2009.

Our combined successes are the result of a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration that is responsive to the needs of our state, our nation, and our global society. As we educate the next generation of future leaders, we strive to nurture not just great scholars, but good stewards who will go out and impact the world.


Henry T. Yang

Recent Memos to the Campus

December 11, 2018 Munger Gift for Las Varas Ranch
December 7, 2018 Sad News - Professor Emerita Daphne Bugental
November 16, 2018 Sad News - Professor Emerita Ursula Mahlendorf
November 8, 2018 Message of support
October 23, 2018 Sad News - Professor Emeritus Giorgio Perissinotto
September 21, 2018 Sad News - Professor Emeritus Jacob Israelachvili

Chancellor Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

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5221 Cheadle Hall

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UCSB in the News

  • Spreading Holiday Cheer

    Seaglass, succulents, scarves and one Samoyed: After a hiatus brought on by 2017’s Thomas Fire, the UC Santa Barbara Winter Warmer crafts bazaar came back to th…

  • From the Heart

    If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him; the people who give you their food give you their heart. So said none other than Cé…

  • Coming to America

    The migrant caravan that traveled from Central America to the United States last month generated headlines — and angry rhetoric — long before it arrived. The si…

  • Great Odds

    Raya Feldman was taken off guard when she first heard about actuarial science. “On my second day here, a student walked into my office and said, ‘I want to be a…

  • ‘A Living Legacy’

    UC Santa Barbara has received formal approval from the UC Regents to acquire Las Varas Ranch, an agricultural property totaling 1,800 acres six miles west of th…

  • ‘A Prolific Spirit of Innovation’

    Some of the best inventions are the ones you don’t even know you’re using; so integrated in current technology, they are a seamless part of your daily life. So…

  • The Pines Piper

    Growing up in Oakhurst, a tiny town near the southern entrance of Yosemite National Park, the only thing Shana Moulton knew about art was how to spell it. And t…

  • Modeling the Microbiome

    The gut microbiome — the world of microbes that inhabit the human intestinal tract — has captured the interest of scientists and clinicians for its critical rol…

  • The Ants Go Marching

    For many of us, it’s the heat and dryness that spark it. For others, it’s the new wetness of the first cool-weather rains. Either way, it’s likely you were witn…

  • Other Voices, Other Worlds

    Ben Olguín remembers the moment he discovered science fiction. He was a teenager, doing three weeks in jail for being, as he puts it, “a knucklehead.” Books get…

  • Cited for Excellence

    Sixteen UC Santa Barbara researchers have been named among the most influential scientists in the world, according to the 2018 Highly Cited Researchers List rel…

  • A Major Addition

    Undergraduates in UC Santa Barbara’s College of Creative Studies (CCS) will soon have a new opportunity to dive into the field of ocean science. CCS is adding a…

  • Milo Sensors' Milestone

    Call it an idea whose time has come: Milo Sensors, a tech startup founded by a group of recent UC Santa Barbara alumni, has evolved from a student-driven, smart…

  • Elevating Voices

    Parent-teacher conferences can be daunting even when you and your child’s teacher speak the same language. Imagine the additional challenge for non-native Engli…

  • Breaching the Walls

    In a development that could lead to better drug delivery systems and modern antibiotics, UC Santa Barbara researchers have uncovered a novel mechanism by which…

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