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Campus Welcome and Update

October 21, 2015

Dear Members of our Campus Community,

As another exciting academic year at UC Santa Barbara gets underway, I want to take a moment to welcome our new and returning students and all of the members of our campus community.

On September 21, we officially welcomed our new class of incoming freshmen and transfer students at our annual New Student Convocation ceremony on the Faculty Club Green. We are proud to say that these students were selected from the largest applicant pool in UC Santa Barbara history — and they comprise our most accomplished and diverse incoming class. Our new Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Dr. Margaret Klawunn, joined us at Convocation to welcome our new students.

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Recent Memos to the Campus

July 11, 2016 Interim Dean of College of Creative Studies
June 30, 2016 Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Education Carl Gutierrez-Jones
June 29, 2016 Assistant Chancellor Todd Lee
June 8, 2016 Sad News - Professor Cedric Robinson
June 8, 2016 Sad News - Professor Mattison Mines
June 1, 2016 University Salary Increases for 2016-17
May 24, 2016 Announcement of Executive Dean of L&S and Interim Dean of Social Sciences
May 19, 2016 Table of Silence Project UCSB: We Remember on May 23
May 6, 2016 Appointment of Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts
April 25, 2016 Staff Celebration Week
April 20, 2016 Sad News - Professor Walter Kohn
April 15, 2016 Search Advisory Committee for Dean of College of Creative Studies
April 7, 2016 Appointment of Dean of Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
March 28, 2016 A Message from Chancellor Yang

Chancellor Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

(805) 893-2231
(805) 893-8717 Fax
5221 Cheadle Hall

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