May 16, 2022

Dear Members of Our Campus Community,

UC Santa Barbara is committed to maintaining and enhancing a safe, supportive, and respectful community where all individuals can live, learn, and work together in an atmosphere free of discrimination and harassment.

In keeping with these principles, I am writing to reaffirm our commitment to preventing sexual violence and sexual harassment, and to reinforce our campus and systemwide policy and procedure. We would also like to share information regarding the revised policy version and systemwide response frameworks that became effective January 1, 2022.

An important part of our campus efforts includes mandatory reporting requirements, comprehensive training for staff and faculty, and confidential support services. Please review the detailed information below from our UC Santa Barbara Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office.

Preventing sexual violence and sexual harassment is a responsibility we all share, and enhancing our university’s culture of safety, respect, and accountability is an ongoing commitment of our entire community. Please join me in reaffirming our commitment.


Henry T. Yang

Key Information from UC Santa Barbara’s Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office

On January 1, 2022, the University issued a revised version of the Interim Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy and its implementing frameworks to comply with SB 493, respond to a Title IX regulatory change, and better address conduct that occurs within the clinical setting. This revised policy is now in effect.
The key revisions to the policy and frameworks are:

  • the addition of “sexual exploitation” as a form of Prohibited Conduct;
  • limitations on the University’s use of no-contact orders to restrict a Complainant’s contact with a Respondent (but not a Respondent’s contact with a Complainant);
  • a requirement that Confidential Resources inform a person who discloses Prohibited Conduct of their right to report to Title IX, and how to do so;
  • the addition of pastoral counselors as a specified Confidential Resource, and—in the same section—a broader reference to “CARE” rather than “CARE Advocates”;
  • a requirement that locations notify volunteers and contractors who regularly interact with students of the SVSH Policy;
  • a requirement that all Responsible Employees report possible Prohibited Conduct that occurs in the context of patient care;
  • modified definitions of Prohibited Conduct that apply when allegations arise in the context of patient care; and
  • a provision that sexual assault during a clinical encounter is considered “aggravated.”

For a full list of revisions to the current policy and frameworks, please contact the UCSB Title IX Office.

The CARE Office continues to offer confidential support to UC Santa Barbara students, faculty, and staff affected by sexual harassment or sexual violence. Contact the CARE Office at 805-893-4613 or click here. For a full list of campus and community resources available to impacted parties, click here.

If you have questions about how the updated policy might be applied to a particular incident, please contact me at Additional information related to the Title IX Office’s services is available on the UCSB Title IX website.

Kind regards,

Ariana Alvarez
Title IX Officer