February 28, 2019

Dear Members of our Campus Community,

In a recent meeting with our Academic Senate’s Committee on Admissions, Enrollment & Relations with Schools (CAERS), while discussing our campus’s vision and strategic plan for student enrollment, CAERS suggested that we form a campuswide task force to make recommendations about enrollment policies and planning, in accord with our long-range plans for faculty growth, facility and classroom building, housing development, fundraising, and much more. After broad consultation with our campus community, including our academic deans and our Academic Senate and administrative colleagues, I am pleased to announce the formation of a Long-Range Planning Task Force on Enrollment, as given below.

Former Executive Vice Chancellor Gene Lucas has graciously agreed to serve as chair. I extend my sincere thanks to Gene and to all of our colleagues on the task force for their willingness to contribute their time, energy, and expertise to this important effort. Our colleagues and I look forward enthusiastically to their report.


Henry T. Yang