May 31, 2018

Dear Members of our Campus Community,

We are excited that our campus has received an allocation of State funding in support of a new classroom building endorsed by the Campus Planning Committee. This is a wonderful opportunity for our campus to both expand and modernize our classroom space. Following broad campus consultation, I am pleased to announce the formation of the New Classroom BuildingCommittee.

The architecture firm Pfeiffer Partners (Los Angeles and New York) will lead a team of consulting engineers, architects, planners, and cost estimators; their charge is to help the campus determine a feasible scope and budget for the Classroom Building. The team will collaborate with campus faculty, students, and staff to develop a Detailed Project Program (DPP) document that describes the requirements of the Classroom Building. The DPP/programming phase is the critical first step in the development process to set goals and objectives, and to establish the scope and budget of this project.

The building committee’s role is to ensure that the building will enable us to fulfill our mission of education with the highest quality, that the programmatic and planning objectives are achieved, and that the project proceeds on budget and schedule. I am pleased that our former Executive Vice Chancellor Gene Lucas has graciously agreed to serve as the chair of this committee. Mark Nocciolo, Acting Director of Capital Development, will manage the planning phase and will coordinate meetings and workshops with the committee. Design and Construction Services will manage subsequent phases of the project. The Building Committee will be active over the next two years and will oversee programming, design, and working drawing phases.

The committee membership is listed below. Thank you to all of the committeemembers for their commitment of time, wisdom, and expertise to help our campus address classroom needs.


Henry T. Yang

New Classroom Building Committee

Gene Lucas, Chair; Executive Vice Chancellor Emeritus
Leesa Beck, University Registrar
Henning Bohn, Chair, Academic Senate; Professor, Economics
Alison Brysk, Chair and Mellichamp Professor, Global Studies
Rolf Christoffersen, Associate Professor, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Amr El Abbadi, Professor, Computer Science
Kathy Foltz, Interim Dean, College of Creative Studies; Professor, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
George Michaels, Executive Director, Instructional Development
Erika Rappaport, Professor, History
Jeff Stopple, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Education
Staff representative, TBA
Associated Students representative, TBA
Graduate Student Association representative, TBA

Ex Officio:
Chuck Haines, Acting Assistant Chancellor, Financial and Resource Management
Julie Hendricks, Director, Design and Construction Services
Mark Nocciolo, Acting Director, Capital Development