September 22, 2015

Dear Members of our Campus Community,

Because health care is of utmost importance to our quality of life, an affordable and first-rate health care insurance program that addresses the diverse needs of our faculty and staff has been a top priority for me and our campus.

I am very pleased to announce that beginning in 2016 the UC Care Health Insurance Plan will add Cottage Hospital, Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories, and Pueblo Radiology to its list of tier one providers. Please see the announcement below for the preliminary details.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our many faculty and staff colleagues who have devoted valuable time and energy to address this important issue and to help seek solutions. In particular, I would like to thank President Janet Napolitano, Executive Vice President of UC Health Jack Stobo, Vice President for Human Resources Dwaine Duckett, Executive Vice President and CFO Nathan Brostrom, Professor and Academic Senate Chair Kum-Kum Bhavnani, the Faculty Association, our Human Resources Office, and administrative colleagues. I would also like to especially thank Executive Director of Self-Funded Health Plans Lori Taylor and Professor Richard Watts for their help, and for their review of the details provided below.


Henry T. Yang