August 14, 2014


Dear Colleagues:

In April of 2009, following the retirement of Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services Donna Carpenter and an extensive round of campus consultation, we decided to suspend the search for our next Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, due to the economic downturn and the budget reductions facing UC at that time.

The areas within our Division of Administrative Services were divided between Senior Associate Vice Chancellor Marc Fisher and Associate Vice Chancellor Ron Cortez. Since AVC Cortez’s departure in 2013, Pam Lombardo has been serving as our Acting Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. I am grateful to our colleagues for the dedicated leadership they have provided over these past five years for the broad range of departments, systems, and resources overseen by our Division of Administrative Services.

With the stabilization of our budget this year, we are now able to restore the position of Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. I am pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Fisher to that role, effective August 15, 2014, pending appropriate UC Office of the President and Regental approvals.

This appointment is the result of broad consultation with our Academic Senate, campus administrators, and many colleagues within the Division of Administrative Services. All have provided strong support for this appointment.

Marc has been part of the UC system since 1995. He first joined UC Santa Barbara in 2002, following seven years at UCLA as Campus Architect and Director of Design. From 2002 to 2008, he served as our campus’s Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Design & Facilities, and since 2008 he has held the position of Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. He has worked extensively on our Long Range Development Plan and other planning efforts; managed the design, construction, and maintenance of our facilities; and overseen multiple facets of our campus’s business operations and administrative systems.

Before joining UC, Marc was the Vice President of Emmet L. Wemple and Associates, a landscape architecture firm based in Pasadena. He holds a B.S. from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

Marc brings to this important position extensive experience, tremendous enthusiasm, and longstanding dedication to our campus. Please join me in extending to Marc our appreciation and warmest congratulations.


Henry T. Yang