May 30, 2014

A Message from Chancellor Yang

Dear Community Members:

In the days since the tragic events in Isla Vista, I have been spending much of my time talking with and listening to our students and parents, as well as members of our dedicated faculty and staff. Dilling and I have also been walking through Isla Vista at night to be with our students. I want to update you now on steps the University has taken to enhance safety.

  • Our UC Police Department, with additional police officers from our sister UC campuses, has increased its presence on campus and extended saturation patrols in Isla Vista through Commencement. Such intense efforts will continue to be strengthened in the fall quarter, in close collaboration with the increased efforts of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement.
  • We have increased CSO patrols in Isla Vista, with extended hours; this is in addition to the 24/7 free CSO safety escort service.
  • The University is completing a comprehensive lighting and security assessment and has been installing additional lights across campus. Also, we have recently committed additional funds to Santa Barbara County for more lighting in Isla Vista.
  • We have implemented a new parking policy that limits weekend and after-hours access to our parking facilities to only UC Santa Barbara affiliates.

Finally, our UC Police Department wants to remind us all that we each play an important role in keeping our community safe. They are asking that if you “See Something, Say Something,” and report suspicious activity (911 for emergencies; 805-893-3446 for UC Police; 805-681-4100 for Isla Vista Foot Patrol). Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to call the CSO service at 805- 893-2000 for a free safety escort at any time.

I am extremely proud of the way our community has come together during these difficult days to support each other and to remember and honor all the victims of last week’s tragedy. We are showing the world what it means to be a Gaucho. United in our efforts, I am certain that we are building a stronger university.


Henry T. Yang