June 13, 2012


Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the formation of a Smoke-Free Campus Steering Committee. President Yudof has asked each chancellor to form a committee that is charged with the task of implementing a smoke-free policy on each campus within the next 24 months. Executive Vice Chancellor Gene Lucas has graciously agreed to chair our campus committee. The committee membership is listed below.

I thank all those who have been part of the consultation process in the formation of this committee. I also thank each of our committee members for their willingness to contribute their time, wisdom, and expertise to help our campus with this vital task.


Henry T. Yang

Smoke-Free Campus Steering Committee

Gene Lucas, Chair; Executive Vice Chancellor
Cynthia Bates, Graduate Students Association representative
Sharon Conley, Professor of Education
Darwin Holter, Senior Recruiter, Human Resources
Laury Oaks, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies
Jeanne Stanford, Director, Counseling Services
Michael Takahara, Health and Wellness Educator, Student Health Services
Associated Students representative (TBA)

Ex officio:
Marc Fisher, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
Chuck Haines, Director, Capital Development
Pamela Lombardo, Director, Environmental Health and Safety