May 27, 2010

Dear Colleagues:
Over the next twenty years and beyond, our campus will be constructing much-needed, affordable for-sale and rental housing for our faculty and staff. The first 22 units of this new housing will be under construction this June. The successful planning, development, and management of this type of housing requires the establishment of a separate business organization, which, in the interim, will be referred to as the UC Santa Barbara Community Housing Authority. 
To advise our campus on the establishment of this proposed new organization, we are appointing an Interim Board of Directors. The charge to this Interim Board will be as follows:

  1. Develop an operating plan and budget for the proposed Community Housing Authority.
  2. Identify immediate staffing and service needs and recruit staff or contract for services as needed.
  3. In consultation with the offices of the Executive Vice Chancellor, the Chancellor, and the Academic Senate, develop a plan for the allocation of the first 22 units.
  4. Develop a preliminary phasing plan for future development of faculty and staff housing.
  5. If necessary, initiate the next phase of development.

I would like to thank Senate Chair Joel Michaelsen for agreeing to serve as president of this interim board. I also extend my sincere thanks to all of our colleagues listed below for their willingness to contribute their time and expertise to this important effort, for the benefit of our entire campus community.
Henry T. Yang
UC Santa Barbara Community Housing Authority Interim Board*
Joel Michaelsen, President; Chair, Academic Senate; Chair, Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Faculty and Staff Housing; Professor, Geography
Henning Bohn, Incoming Chair, Academic Senate; Professor, Economics
Lance Heather, Staff Representative; Divisional Manager, UCen Dining Services
Todd Lee, Assistant Chancellor, Office of Budget and Planning
Gene Lucas, Executive Vice Chancellor
David Marshall, Executive Dean and Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, College of Letters and Science
Peter Rupert, Professor, Economics
Vickie Scott, Chair, Academic Senate Council on Faculty Issues and Awards; Senior Lecturer SOE, Theater and Dance
Barbara Louise Endemaño Walker, Staff Representative; Director of Research Development for the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts, Office of Research 
Richard Watts, Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor; Professor Emeritus, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Community Representative, TBD
External Advisor:
Chuck Hayward, President, Irvine Campus Housing Authority
Staff support:
Erich Brown, Architect, University Representative, Design and Construction Services
John Gaffney, Faculty Housing Coordinator, Housing and Residential Services
Chuck Haines, Director, Business and Financial Planning, Housing and Residential Services
Martie Levy, Director, Capital Development, Office of Budget and Planning
Karen Rothberg, Director, Real Estate Services, Office of Budget and Planning
Bob Silsbee, Planning and Resources Manager, Administrative Services

* Length of term: 18 months or until establishment of permanent board, which will have revolving terms