August 14 Podcast and Letter from UC Academic Council

August 20, 2009

TO:  The Campus Community

FROM:  Henry T. Yang
RE:  August 14 Podcast and Letter from UC Academic Council
I would like to sincerely thank all of you who attended and participated in our August 14 town forum on the furlough plan. In my previous campus memo I said that we would make available a podcast recording of the meeting. This video file is now posted at Also posted on this website are the PowerPoint presentations for each of our town hall meetings.
As part of our discussions on the budget, some of you have commented on or asked questions about a letter circulated by a group of department chairs at UC San Diego. Attached is an August 14 letter from President Yudof enclosing the UC Academic Council's response. He writes, "As you will note, the Council strongly affirms its commitment 'to one University of California where each campus is both a leading research institution in its own right and a respected part of the world-class University of California system....' "

I hope this information will be useful to you.

Henry T. Yang