Administrative Services

April 20, 2009


Dear Colleagues:

As I announced in my campus memo of October 17, 2008, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services Donna Carpenter is retiring this month, after 15 years at UC Santa Barbara and more than 36 years with the University of California. Donna has provided outstanding leadership and dedicated service throughout her career, helping us with campus safety, accountability, and sustainability; housing projects for students, faculty, and staff; long-range planning efforts; support for the people and business operations of our campus; and so much more.

Although a search for our next Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services had already begun, we have decided, following broad consultation, to postpone this search in the face of the serious budget challenges now confronting our campus. We plan to re-start the search process when the economic situation improves and our budget begins to recover. I am grateful to our search advisory committee and its co-chairs, Professor Aaron Ettenberg and Dean Gale Morrison, for the time and effort they have already contributed, and I look forward to calling on their services again when we reactivate this search.

In the meantime, the areas within the Division of Administrative Services will report to either Senior Associate Vice Chancellor Marc Fisher or Associate Vice Chancellor Ron Cortez. Mr. Fisher will oversee Housing and Residential Services, the University Center, and the Events Center, in addition to his existing responsibilities for Campus Design and Facilities and for Transportation and Parking Services. Mr. Cortez will oversee Accounting Services and Controls, Audit and Advisory Services, Human Resources, and Police, in addition to his existing responsibilities for Business Services and for Environmental Health and Safety. The two Associate Vice Chancellors will temporarily report directly to me.

Please join me in thanking Marc and Ron for their willingness to serve our campus by providing oversight for the vital work of our Administrative Services Division during this important and challenging time. Please also join me in once again extending our warmest appreciation to Vice Chancellor Carpenter for her countless contributions to our university over the years.


Henry T. Yang