Devereux Planning Committee

September 26, 2007


Dear Colleagues:

As a result of our acquisition of the Devereux property, we are pleased to announce the appointment of a Devereux Planning Committee. Dr. Joel Michaelsen, Chair of the Academic Senate, and Todd Lee, Assistant Chancellor for Budget and Planning, have graciously agreed to co-chair this committee. A list of the committee members is below.

This committee will conduct a thorough consultative process to solicit your input in developing our vision and to make recommendations to me for the use of this property. The guiding principle for the short term is to use the facilities to accommodate campus programs that will generate revenue to help pay for the acquisition of this property. This short-term strategy is intended to maintain our campus budget for academic programs with minimal impact from the expenses related to this purchase. For the long term, the Devereux Planning Committee will solicit ideas for how this property can also fulfill our academic vision. Specifically, the committee will consider a wide range of options for the portion of the property closest to the ocean (the “south knoll”). As recommended by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Faculty and Staff Housing, the campus is planning to develop housing on the inland portion immediately adjacent to the West Campus Point faculty housing (the “north knoll”).

We have long recognized the importance of having this property as an integral part of our campus. The 33 acres that comprise the Devereux property are a wonderful complement to our adjacent West Campus faculty housing, and will enhance our ability to fulfill the mission of our campus as well as provide unique ecological benefits.

We want to express our appreciation to the members of this committee for their willingness to devote their valuable time and energy to this important campus endeavor. We also appreciate any ideas or input you may have. Please feel free to communicate with me or the members of this committee.

Henry T. Yang

Devereux Planning Committee
Joel Michaelsen, Co-Chair, Chair, Academic Senate; Professor of Geography
Todd Lee, Co-Chair, Assistant Chancellor, Budget and Planning

Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Vice Chair, Academic Senate; Professor of Sociology
Willie Brown, Executive Director, Housing and Residential Services
Jane Conoley, Professor and Dean, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
Frank Davis, Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
Amber Gonzalez, Graduate Students Association Representative; GSA Vice President – Student Affairs
Fiona Goodchild, Education Director, California NanoSystems Institute; West Campus Point Resident
Carl Gutierrez-Jones, Professor of English; Director, Center for Chicano Studies
David Marshall, Executive Dean, College of Letters and Science; Dean, Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Lindsey Quock, Associate Students Representative; A.S. External Vice President – Local Affairs
Florence Sanchez, Staff Representative; Analyst I, Department of Political Science
Deborah Storm, Management Services Officer, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
Bruce Tiffney, Dean, College of Creative Studies; Professor of Earth Science
Matthew Tirrell, Richard A. Auhll Professor and Dean, College of Engineering
Michael Witherell, Vice Chancellor, Research
Kim Yasuda, Professor of Art
Robert York, Chair, Academic Senate Council on Planning and Budget; Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Consultants to the Committee
Marc Fisher, Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Design and Facilities
Gene Lucas, Executive Vice Chancellor
Richard Watts, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for the Long Range Development Plan; Professor of Chemistry

Staff to the Committee
Martie Levy, Director of Capital Development, Budget and Planning
Karen Rothberg, Director of Real Estate Services, Budget and Planning