UC Regents Approve Acquisition of Devereux Property

March 15, 2007

To the Campus Community

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to share with you the news that today, March 15, we received approval from the UC Regents for the acquisition of the Devereux property. We have long recognized the importance of having this developed property as an integral part of our campus. These 33 acres will be a wonderful complement to our adjacent West Campus faculty housing, and will enhance our ability to fulfill the mission of our campus as well as provide unique ecological benefits.

The Devereux School has long been an important part of our community, and will continue to lease back a small portion of the property for the ongoing programs of the school. I have met with the family members and staff of Devereux, and we look forward to continuing our mutually collaborative relationship.

I am grateful to the Regents and our colleagues at the Office of the President for their advice and support. I would also like to thank all of our colleagues who participated in the process of consultation that encouraged us to acquire this property, especially Senate Chair Joel Michaelsen, Chair Henning Bohn of the Council on Planning and Budget, the Senate Executive Council, our academic deans, faculty, and administrative colleagues. We were urged to move forward as quickly as possible with due diligence and a sound financial plan so that the purchase would not be made at the expense of our academic and administrative programs.

Once the property is acquired, we will again conduct a broad and thorough consultative process to solicit your input in developing our vision for planning the use of this property. As our colleagues have recommended, the guiding principle for the short term will be to use the facilities to accommodate campus programs that will generate revenue so that there will not be any financial burden for our campus while we pay off the purchasing costs. For the long term, we will solicit ideas for how this property can best fulfill our future academic vision.

The attached appendix provides a brief history and aerial view of the Devereux property. The acquisition of this parcel within the heart of our West Campus is a rare opportunity and a historic milestone for UC Santa Barbara. We look forward to talking with you about our next steps, and engaging our entire campus and local community in the planning process for the use of this extraordinary property.


Henry T. Yang