Update on Families of Cedarwood Apartments Fund

October 30, 2006


Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to follow up on my memo of October 20 and provide an update on the status of the Families of Cedarwood Apartments Fund, established to assist those who were evicted from their residences in Isla Vista.

First, I would like to thank everyone who has donated to this fund, as well as those who have volunteered their time and talents to help residents of the Cedarwood Apartments in Isla Vista. Every contribution, large or small, is deeply and sincerely appreciated.

I have been talking with many people, asking for support for this fund. I also made a special presentation to our UCSB Foundation Board of Trustees this weekend, with the participation of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Michael Young and several administrative colleagues.

I am pleased to report that your combined contributions have brought the account total to $11,330 as of this morning. We will continue to raise funds, and I encourage anyone who wishes to make a contribution to do so at any Santa Barbara Bank & Trust branch, or by mail to P.O. Box 60839, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0839.

I have asked Vice Chancellor Young and some of our administrative colleagues to work with our student leaders to come up with the best way to distribute the money to assist the families affected by the recent evictions.

Again, I want to thank every member of our UCSB family for your care and concern for our Isla Vista neighbors.

Henry T. Yang