Families of Cedarwood Apartments Fund and Proposed Isla Vista Conference

October 20, 2006


Dear Colleagues:

Many of you are aware of the recent situation in Isla Vista regarding the eviction of residents of the Cedarwood Apartments. We appreciate the empathy and concern that our students and other members of our campus community have expressed for these families and the upheaval they are experiencing as a result of this displacement from the homes that many have lived in for years.

In response to these concerns and numerous inquiries about how our community can help the Cedarwood residents with unexpected expenses such as security deposits and first and last months’ rent, UCSB has arranged to establish an account at Santa Barbara Bank and Trust for donations. This account is now open, and anyone wishing to contribute to this “Families of Cedarwood Apartments Fund” may do so at any Santa Barbara Bank and Trust branch, or by mail to P.O. Box 60839, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0839.


Our Academic Senate also proposes to work with Associated Students, the Isla Vista Commission, the campus administration, UCSB planning staff, and various academic departments to organize a conference or town hall forum to explore ideas and issues related to the future of Isla Vista as a community. The forum would be designed to promote dialogue on the social, economic, political, and design aspects of change in Isla Vista. Participants would include faculty experts, students, campus planning and design staff, Isla Vista property owners and community members, and local government officials and agencies.

UC Santa Barbara supports a vision of Isla Vista as home to a wide range of individuals and families of diverse backgrounds and circumstances. Such a community is a benefit to the campus as well as all those residing in Isla Vista. We look forward to working together on these important issues.


Henry T. Yang

Joel Michaelsen
Chair, Academic Senate