October 6, 2005


Dear Colleagues:

A subcommittee of the Chancellor’s Coordinating Committee on Budget Strategy, working with key Information Technology (IT) staff, has developed a plan for reorganizing and consolidating IT functions on campus. The broad outlines of the plan involving the establishment of significant new administrative offices and committees have gone through a thorough and appropriate campus consultation and approval process, and implementation has begun. A brief description of this organization can be found at: http://www.evc.ucsb.edu/evc/ITOrg/ITOrgchart.pdf

A new Associate Vice Chancellor-level position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) has been established. The CIO will report to the Executive Vice Chancellor and head a new Office of Information Systems and Technology. The CIO will work with the new Information Technology Board (ITB), consisting of the Senior Officers, to set campus-wide IT policies, priorities and budget allocations. Initially, a major task for the CIO and the ITB will be to flesh out and direct the reorganization and consolidation efforts. The CIO and the ITB will be advised by the current Information Technology Planning Group (ITPG), as well as the two new committees charged with evaluating specific aspects of the campus computing environment: an Academic Technology Planning Group and an Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group.

Following consultation with the Academic Senate, a Search Advisory Committee has been established to identify candidates for the CIO position. Members of the Search Advisory Committee are listed below. We want to express our appreciation to the members of this committee for devoting their valuable time and energy to participating in the formation of this important new position on campus.

Henry T. Yang


Members of the Chief Information Officer Search Advisory Committee

Cynthia Stohl, Professor, Communication (co-chair)
Jerry Gibson, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Media Arts and Technology (co-chair)

Art Battson, Director, Instructional Resources
Bruce Bimber, Professor, Political Science
Donna Carpenter, Acting Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
Dorothy Chun, Professor, Germanic, Slavic & Semitic Studies
Frederick Dahlquist, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Richard Duran, Professor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
Anna Everett, Professor, Film Studies
Betty Huff, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Services and Management
Alan Moses, Technical Coordinator, Letters and Science Information Technology
Linda Petzold, Professor, Computer Science and Mechanical and Environmental Engineering
Sarah Pritchard, University Librarian
Bob Sugar, Professor Emeritus, Physics (consultant and advisor)
Associated Students Representative â€“ TBD
Graduate Students Association Representative -- TBD

Elise Meyer, Interim Director, Office of Information Technology (ex officio)
Joe Castro, Executive Director, Academic Preparation and Equal Opportunity (ex officio)