August 10, 2005


Dear Colleagues,

As you may recall from my letter of March 11, I conveyed to you that after fifteen years of dedicated service and able leadership, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Affairs and Executive Director of the UCSB Alumni Association, Peter Steiner has announced his retirement for this fall.

In the same letter I also shared with you the list of the members of the Search Advisory Committee. The committee is moving along smoothly with the search process. I wish to thank co-chairs Mr. George Thurlow and Dr. Paula Bruice for their excellent leadership, and members of the committee for their wise counsel and dedicated service. I want to especially thank them for sacrificing their valuable summer time.

During the interim period before the conclusion of the search, I am pleased to announce that Richard W. Jensen has graciously agreed to serve as the Interim Executive Director of our UCSB Alumni Association, effective August 22. I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to our many alumni, faculty colleagues, community members, and Vice Chancellor John Wiemann, for their advice and recommendations. Dick is a veteran of the University of California, beginning his service at UCSB in 1964 as Assistant Dean of Students. He later served as Assistant Chancellor for Planning and Analysis until 1990. From 1990 until his retirement in 1999, he served as Associate Chancellor for Planning and Budget at UC Santa Cruz.

Dick has also served on the UCSB Foundation, has been active in UCSB fundraising, and in UCSB alumni association events. His recent consulting work includes capital planning for the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Please join me in welcoming Dick back to UCSB, and in thanking him for his service to UCSB and our alumni in his new capacity.



Henry T. Yang