June 10, 2005


Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the formation of the Isla Vista Commission for UC Santa Barbara. The new Commission will coordinate the many ongoing activities that are currently part of the Isla Vista-UCSB relationship, and initiate or assist in the development of new programs intended to serve the mutual interests of I.V. and our campus. Professor Walter Yuen and Professor Harry Nelson will serve as the first co-chairs of the Commission. The membership of the Commission, as shown below, includes faculty, staff, students, and administrative personnel from UCSB. Ex officio members and other individuals who represent government and community organizations with concerns in I.V. will participate in the Commission meetings. Four facilitators who represent different segments of our administrative organization will be responsible for the plans formulated by the Commission and approved by the Chancellor. 

The Commission has been formed as a result of a recommendation of the Isla Vista Action Group. The Isla Vista Action Group is an ad-hoc group I established in November 2003, largely to address the difficult Halloween problem. At the conclusion of its work in Winter 2005, this group, which included members representing UCSB faculty, staff, students, and administration as well as Santa Barbara City College and the County of Santa Barbara, recommended that the campus maintain its effort to improve the quality of life of our students and other residents of Isla Vista. The group recommended the formation of the Isla Vista Commission.

We are grateful for the diligent efforts that the Isla Vista Action Group has made to bring the Isla Vista-UCSB relationship to the forefront of campus awareness, and we look forward to the continuation and enhancement of these efforts by our new Isla Vista Commission.


Henry T. Yang

Isla Vista Commission

Walter Yuen (Co-Chair)  Chair, Academic Senate; Professor, Mechanical & Environmental Engineering; Former Chair, I.V. Action Group
Harry Nelson (Co-Chair)  Professor, Physics; Former Co-Chair, I.V. Action Group
Donna Carpenter  Acting Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
Howard Giles  Professor, Communication; Executive Director, Center on Police Practices and Community (COPPAC)
Peter Haslund  Santa Barbara City College Faculty Representative
Richard Hecht  Professor, Religious Studies
Melissa Kwon  President and Representative, Graduate Students Association
Duncan Mellichamp  Professor Emeritus, Chemical Engineering; Trustee, The UCSB
Foundation; Senior Advisor to the Commission
Joel Michaelsen  Vice Chair, Academic Senate; Professor, Geography
Harry Reese  Professor, Art
Denise Segura  Professor, Sociology; Co-Director, ENLACE
Richard Watts  Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Long-Range Planning; Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chaz Whatley  President and Representative, Associated Students
John Wiemann  Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement
Kim Yasuda  Professor, Art; Co-Director, UC Institute for Research in the Arts
Michael Young  Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Marc Fisher (Facilitator)  Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Design and Facilities
Yonie Harris (Facilitator)  Dean of Students
Gerry Hesse (Facilitator)  Director, Governmental Relations
Martie Levy (Facilitator)  Director, Capital Development