April 13, 2005


Dear Colleagues:

During 2003-04, we had a series of discussions among Senate and Administrative colleagues directed toward the possibility of forming an advisory committee on campus housing.  These discussions led us to conclude that student and faculty/staff housing issues are so different that two distinct advisory groups are needed.  We did form the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Housing, and that group is being chaired by Professor Richard Watts.  A Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Faculty and Staff Housing was discussed at length, and these discussions included considerations of faculty, staff and students who might be appropriate members of the committee.

In order to provide widespread input that will help us to reach decisions on housing development possibilities, we are now prepared to move forward with the appointment of a Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Faculty and Staff Housing.  Dr. Joel Michaelsen, Professor of Geography and Vice Chair of the Academic Senate, has graciously agreed to chair this committee.  A list of the Committee members is attached below.

The purpose of this committee will be to provide oversight, guidance, and advice to complement all of our efforts to help our faculty and staff colleagues obtain housing, and to communicate with our faculty and staff colleagues. The committee will work with the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Housing to provide comprehensive oversight of the Campus Housing Master Plan. It will oversee current campus projects aimed at increasing housing that can be made available to our faculty and staff members, and it will work with campus planners to seed and cultivate new approaches that will further enhance our efforts.

Our campus intends to provide the best intellectual and work environment for our faculty and staff.   Decisions regarding the number, type, and location of future faculty and staff housing will help to ensure that we not only meet this important goal, but that we also remain competitive with other schools in attracting and retaining the very best faculty and staff.  Policies regarding related matters such as the construction of new facilities and acquisition of housing properties in proximity to the campus will influence the quality and quantity of our faculty and staff housing options.  The committee will convene immediately to begin its work toward fulfillment of our goals.



 Henry T. Yang

Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Faculty and Staff Housing

Joel Michaelsen (Chair), Professor, Geography; Vice Chair, UC Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate
Elizabeth Cook Professor, English; Associate Dean, Division of Humanities and Fine Arts, College of Letters and Science
Sandra Geissler Graduate Students Association Representative
Fiona Goodchild Education Director, California NanoSystems Institute
Charles Haines Resource Planning Coordinator, Housing and Residential Services
Joseph Incandela Professor, Physics
Martie Levy Director of Capital Development, Budget and Planning
Jeffrey Moehlis Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering
Laura Romo Assistant Professor, Education
Mark Rose Professor, English; Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel
Cristina Rumph Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Council and Staff Assembly Representative
Kamyab Sadaghiani Associated Students Representative
Zaragosa Vargas Professor, History; Academic Senate Committee on Diversity and Equity Representative
Briana Viscarra Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Council and Staff Assembly Representative

Ex officio:
Roanne Akchurin Manger, Community Housing Office, Housing and Residential Services
Wilfred Brown Executive Director, Housing and Residential Services
Cynthia Cronk Director, Human Resources
Marc Fisher Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Design and Facilities
John Gaffney Faculty Housing Coordinator, Faculty Housing Office, Housing and  Residential Services
Todd Lee Assistant Chancellor, Budget and Planning
Tye Simpson Director, Campus Planning and Design
Richard Watts Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Special Assistant to the Chancellor for the Long Range Development Plan; Chair, Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Housing