April 10, 2003


Dear Colleagues:

We received a record number of freshman applications (37,577) for admission this year, indicating students’ tremendous enthusiasm for our campus and interest in attending UCSB. We have also just completed this year’s regional receptions, where prospective students and their families were encouraged to come experience the beauty of our campus and the warmth and friendliness of our students, faculty, and staff.  

We are expecting large numbers of campus visitors during the month of April. Most visitors are students who have been admitted for the fall quarter and their families; they will be using this opportunity to take one more look at UCSB before making important decisions about college and their future. Others are high school juniors visiting colleges during their spring breaks. As you may know, the Statement of Intent to Register is due by May 1 for freshmen, and by June 1 for transfer students.

The UCSB Visitor Center offers daily information sessions and tours, and will host our Spring Insight Open House activities on April 11 and 12. Tour and Open House information can be found on the Visitor Center website at http://www.admit.ucsb.edu/vcen/index.asp.

In addition to attending organized events through the Visitor Center, campus visitors often drop in unannounced on many campus departments—such as Housing, Financial Aid, and Student Academic Services—to ask last-minute questions prior to making their decision. Many will seek out faculty and undergraduate advisors in their planned major.

I thank you in advance for the assistance and hospitality you extend these visitors. The time you spend to greet prospective students and their families, to give directions, to point out an interesting feature of our campus, to provide essential information, or just to have a little chat may be an important factor in their decision to come to UCSB.

This is indeed a busy season on campus, but I know you share my excitement about the prospect of enrolling another outstanding and diverse entering class.  As always, I thank you for your commitment and dedication to our campus community.


Henry T. Yang