July 1, 2002


Dear Colleagues:

The Special Advisory Committee on Parking has forwarded to me its first set of recommendations.  I am accepting all nine of the recommendations, which are being posted to the Committee’s Web site.   You can access the Web site by going to the UCSB Home Page and clicking on Chancellor’s Special Advisory Committee on Parking.

I have taken the following actions:

I have asked Assistant Vice Chancellor David Gonzales to initiate the necessary consultation process to implement the following set of recommendations by Fall 2002:

  • Maintain the monthly permit rate (A,S,C, B1-B3) at $35/month for the academic 2002/03 year.
  • Increase the daily rate to $7/day and partial day rates accordingly.
  • Discontinue the “Top-of-the-Mesa” permit program.

I have also asked Mr. Gonzales to develop an implementation and time schedule for these recommendations:

  • Night and weekend parking rates.
  • A new Rate Payer Board and a new Alternative Transportation Board.

Acting Associate Chancellor Todd Lee is examining ways to provide the recommended new core funding for Parking and Transportation Services.  In addition, I have directed the Budget and Planning Office to proceed with preparation of the documents necessary for The Regents’ approval of the recommended parking structure in Lot 10.   

In keeping with another of the Committee’s recommendations, improving service from MTD for our campus community will be a high priority.

With my endorsement, the recommendation regarding equity in rates between represented and non-represented employees is being forwarded to University and Campus Labor Relations.

I am looking forward to receiving additional recommendations and the final report from the Committee in the near future and will inform the campus of further actions at that time.

I want to express my deep appreciation to all the Committee members for their hard work in deliberating the many aspects of the parking and transportation issues that face our campus.  The membership of the Committee is given below.


Henry T. Yang

Chancellor’s Special Advisory Committee on Parking
Gene Lucas, Committee Chair
Diana Alvarado, Co-Chair, Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee
Tacy Costanzo, Co-Chair, Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee
Dennis Divins, Chair of Staff Assembly
John Doner, Chair, Parking and Transportation Committee
Hal Drake, Academic Senate Faculty at Large Representative
Sandra Featherson, Staff Representative, Parking and Transportation Committee
Mario Garcia, Academic Senate Faculty At Large Representative
Jacob Haik, President, Resident Halls Association
Brian Hampton, Internal President, Associated Students, 2001-02
Shawn Landres, Internal President, Graduate Students Association
Chrystine Lawson, Internal President, Associated Students, 2002-03
Douglas Morgan, Former Divisional Chair of Academic Senate   
Bruce Straits, Chair, Senate Committee on Faculty Welfare
Bruce Tiffney, Chair, Senate Committee on Capital Projects