May 10, 2002

TO:     The Campus Community

FR:     Chancellor Henry T. Yang        

          Steven D. Gaines, Director        

          Marine Science Institute

RE:     Marine Science Building Groundbreaking

Dear Colleagues:
We cordially invite you to attend the Groundbreaking for the Marine Science Building.  Ceremony and reception will take place on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 4pm at the building site.  Please RSVP to Veronica Zasueta at extension 4337 or email by May 17.
Until now, there has been no central home for the diverse web Of ocean activities that occur at UCSB.  This is about to change With the construction of a new showcase facility for marine Science research and education.  The new Marine Science Building will house a novel combination of research and education programs, including the Marine Science Institute, the Natural Reserve System, and OCTOS – the new Outreach Center for Teaching Ocean Science.
Please join us in celebrating the beginning of this new and long-awaited building project.  Thank you.