February 26, 2002


Dear Colleagues:

On the recommendation of the Search Advisory Committee for the Director of Admissions, as well as Dr. Michael Young, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Ms. Betty Huff, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Enrollment Services and Management, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Christine Van Gieson as Director of Admissions, effective March 1, 2002.

Ms. Van Gieson received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from UCSB in 1970.  She joined UCSB in 1984 as Associate Director for Relations with Schools, coming from the Department of Biology at UCLA.  She served as Associate Director of Admissions from 1995 through 2000, and has been serving as Acting Director of Admissions since June 2000.  During her tenure as Acting Director, Chris has managed the implementation of changes in the admissions process.  This more comprehensive review complements UCSB’s efforts to attract a diverse student body with outstanding quality and promise.  Recently, she was named to the Admissions Processing Task Force, which will review admissions processing across the University system.

I thank all those who have been part of the selection and consultation process during this search, particularly Dr. Walter Yuen, Chair of the Search Advisory Committee, the Committee members, and Dr. Richard Watts, Chair of the Academic Senate.  The roster of the committee is below.  I appreciate their generous commitment of wisdom and dedication to this important task.

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Chris in this new position.


Henry T. Yang

Search Advisory Committee for the Director of Admissions
Walter Yuen, Chair (Professor, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering; Vice Chair, Academic Senate)
Steven Allaback (Professor, English; Faculty Advisor for Athletics)
Michael Brown (Associate Professor, Education)
Paula Bruice (Senior Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Manuel Casas (Professor, Education; Co-Chair, COAB)
Richard Flacks (Professor, Sociology)
Kathy Foltz (Associate Professor, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology)
Yolanda Garcia (Executive Director, Student Academic Support Services)
Richard Hecht (Professor, Religious Studies)
Mary Jacob (Director, International Students and Scholars)
Beverly Lewis (Registrar)
Kenneth Millett (Professor, Mathematics; Director of CAMP)
Mary Nisbet (Senior Lecturer, Economics)
Giorgio Perissinotto (Professor, Spanish and Portuguese)
Robert Rinker (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Engineering)

Consultants to the Committee:
Raymond Huerta (Coordinator, Affirmative Action Program)
Bill Villa (Retired Director of Admissions and Special Consultant on Admissions)