November 6, 2001


Dear Colleagues:

As you well know, the issue of parking fees and long range planning for parking are of widespread concern on campus.   The Chancellor’s Special Advisory Committee on Parking is being formed to represent  and engage our campus community in a thorough analyses of parking issues and to provide us with a recommendation on parking fees while ensuring that the parking and transportation needs of our campus are met. The committee is intended to be short term but will work intensely to address the issues and seek the solutions. The membership of the committee is given below.

Professor Gene Lucas has graciously agreed to serve as Chair.  Professor Lucas has extensive experience in the area of parking services, having served as prior Chair of Faculty Welfare, President of the Faculty Association, Chair of Parking and Transportation Committee and the Chair of the first Parking Plus Committee that developed plans for the Mesa Structure.   I am very grateful that he has agreed to take on this difficult and important task.  Staffing support for this Committee will be provided by the Budget and Planning Office who will work closely with the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services and his staff.  

I am deeply appreciative of the willingness of the committee members to serve on this important committee.


Henry T. Yang


Chancellor’s Special Advisory Committee on Parking
Gene Lucas, Committee Chair
Diana Alvarado, Co-Chair Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee
Tacy Costanzo, Co-Chair Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee
Dennis Divins, Chair of Staff Assembly
John Doner, Chair, Parking and Transportation Committee
Hal Drake, Academic Senate Faculty at Large Representative
Sandra Featherson, Staff Representative, Parking and Transportation Committee
Jacob Haik, President, Resident Halls Association
Brian Hampton, Internal President, Associated Students
Shawn Landres, President, Graduate Student Association
Douglas Morgan, Former Divisional Chair of Academic Senate   
Bruce Straits, Chair, Senate Committee on Faculty Welfare
Bruce Tiffney, Chair, Senate Committee on Capital Projects