September 13, 2001


Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to cordially invite you and all members of the campus community as well as the general public to take part in a Memorial Observance at noon on Friday, September 14, in Storke Plaza. On what President Bush has designated a "national day of prayer" in memory of the victims of this week's terrorist attacks on the United States, we want to offer members of our community an opportunity to come together to acknowledge the profound impact that this terrible tragedy has had on us all, to remember those who have perished, and to reflect.

This program will be held during the noon hour, and I am asking all campus offices that are normally opened during that time to provide maximum flexibility to staff members who would like to participate in this observance. Since we are inviting the public to join us, please share this invitation with your friends and neighbors. No fees will be charged to park on campus Friday.


Henry T. Yang