September 11, 2001


Dear Colleagues:

I know that all of you share with me great sadness and shock at the tragic events that have been perpetrated on the United States today. The sympathy that we feel for the victims of these terrible attacks and their families knows no bounds.

I have been in close contact with our colleagues across the University of California system as well as members of our own campus community. We are all contemplating the ways in which these events will have an impact on our campuses. The UC Office of the President, after consultations with all the Chancellors, has decided that the best course of action for the campuses at this time is to remain open and in operation. (I am sending you, on the reverse of this memo, President Atkinson's statement, for your information.) At UCSB, we have taken steps to enhance the security and safety of members of our campus community. And, as at all of the campuses, we have asked supervisors to provide maximum flexibility in accommodating the special needs of any individual employees.

In addition, I have asked our Counseling and Career Services, Student Health, and Human Resources departments to ensure that counseling is available today and in the coming days to our students, faculty and staff members who seek such services.

As we are quickly turning to the start of our new quarter, all of us at UCSB should make special efforts to provide extra support and understanding to all our students, especially those coming to UCSB for the first time. New students are scheduled to move in to campus residence halls this Saturday and Sunday. There is no change to those plans. However, we will be flexible in trying to accommodate the schedules of families whose plans have been affected by today's events.

To keep incoming students and their families informed, we are posting this message and any subsequent updates on the UCSB home page on the web, under a "Campus Update" heading.

The consequences of this profound national tragedy will be with us for some time to come. As we face the challenging days ahead, I want to thank you for your professionalism, your dedication, and your compassion.


Henry T. Yang

September 11, 2001


I know that all of you are shocked, as I am, by the terrible tragedies
that have occurred today in New York and Washington, D.C., and that
many of you have friends and family in those regions.

The University will remain open, though I am informed that the Lawrence
Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories have been closed for
today by the Department of Energy.

I am asking the chancellors to encourage supervisors and managers to
provide maximum flexibility to accommodate the individual needs and
circumstances of employees. I also am encouraging the chancellors to
ensure that counseling and psychological support services are available
to members of the University community.

We are making every effort to ensure the security of our students,
staff and faculty at all campuses, medical centers, national
laboratories and Education Abroad centers. The personal safety of all
members of the University of California community is uppermost in our

This week's meeting of the Board of Regents has been cancelled.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones in today's horrific
tragedies. We will provide additional information about the
University's response to these developments as it becomes available.

Richard C. Atkinson