February 8, 2023

Dear Members of Our Campus Community,

As a community, UC Santa Barbara stands united against antisemitism, racism, hate speech, and other forms of intimidation, both on our campus and beyond.

Last week, our campus experienced several events — including the defacement of a classroom — targeting members of our Jewish community. Our university environment is meant to foster free and open scholarly dialogue. Acts that are intended to intimidate, discriminate, or create an unwelcoming environment have no place on our campus.

The University is actively investigating the classroom incident. We are engaging with community and student groups to provide support and resources for those who are experiencing fear, pain, and anxiety as a result of any of these occurrences. We ask anyone with information about these or other bias incidents to submit a Bias Incident Report through our confidential system or by contacting the UCPD directly.

We value a respectful, inclusive, supportive, and safe environment, and we encourage civil discourse and the free and open exchange of ideas. Conducting protest and debate in public places designated for such is allowable and welcome. Going inside a classroom to write messages on a blackboard that are designed to demean the subject of a class or the faculty and students who attend that class is not acceptable. It is our responsibility as teachers, students, and staff to foster an environment where students feel safe to study what they wish. Acts that disrupt teaching and learning are violations of campus policy, code of conduct, and our Principles of Community. Discriminating against people on the basis of their race or national origin is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Please help us sustain a respectful, supportive, safe, and welcoming campus climate for everyone.


Henry T. Yang

David Marshall
Executive Vice Chancellor

Margaret Klawunn
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Jeffrey Stewart
Interim Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion