Coordinating Committee on Budget Strategy (CCBS)

David Marshall, Co-Chair Executive Vice Chancellor; Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Henning Bohn, Co-Chair Chair, Academic Senate; Professor, Economics
Ahmad Ahmad Academic Senate Council on Faculty Welfare & Awards Chair; Professor, Religious Studies
Rod Alferness Dean and Richard A. Auhll Professor, College of Engineering
Kerry Bierman Staff Representative; CFO/Director, Business & Financial Planning, Facilities Management
Dirk Bouwmeester Faculty Representative; Professor, Physics
Shivkumar Chandrasekaran Academic Senate Vice Chair; Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Brad Chmelka Faculty Representative; Professor, Chemical Engineering
Jill Felber Faculty Representative; Professor, Music
Tara Habibi Student Representative, Student Fee Advisory Committee
Chuck Haines Assistant Chancellor, Finance and Resource Management
Charlie Hale SAGE Sara Miller McCune Dean of Social Sciences
Hahrie Han Faculty Representative; Professor, Political Science
Joao Hespanha Academic Senate Council on Planning & Budget Chair; Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joe Incandela Vice Chancellor for Research
Margaret Klawunn Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
John Majewski Michael Douglas Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts
Jake Mungaray Student Representative, Associated Students
Garry Mac Pherson Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
Juli Pippin, Ex Officio Executive Director of Academic Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
Martin Shumaker Executive Director, Budget and Planning
Jianwen Su Academic Senate Council on Research & Instructional Reources Chair; Professor, Computer Science
Pierre Wiltzius Dean of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences, College of Letters & Science
Henry Yang, Ex Officio Chancellor
Diane O’Brien, Staff Support Executive Assistant to the Chancellor