Janis Ingham, Chair jcingham@speech.ucsb.edu NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative; Professor Emeritus, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Ariana Alvarez, Advisor ariana.alvarez@ucsb.edu Director, Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy
Kelly Barsky, Advisor kelly.barsky@athletics.ucsb.edu Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Julie Bianchini julie.bianchini@ucsb.edu Chair, Academic Senate Undergraduate Council; Professor, Education
Cathy Czuleger, Advisor cathy.czuleger@recreation.ucsb.edu Interim Director, Recreation
Aaron Ettenberg ettenberg@psych.ucsb.edu Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Psychological & Brain Sciences
Kip Fulbeck fulbeck@arts.ucsb.edu Professor, Art
Jessica Goerke, Advisor jgoerke@ucsb.edu Deputy Athletics Director, Interim Senior Woman Administrator, Director of Academic Services
Paul Graziano, Advisor pgraziano@aklaw.net Community Representative
Tom Hastings, Advisor tom.hastings@athletics.ucsb.edu Deputy Athletics Director
Kelly Gleason Keogh kellykeogh@ucsb.edu Academic Personnel Manager, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
Min Kim min848@ucsb.edu Associated Students Representative
Mike Miller, Advisor mike.miller@sa.ucsb.edu Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Services
Jeff Nelson, Advisor jeff@jeffnelsonlaw.com Community Representative
Gurleen Pabla president@as.ucsb.edu Associated Students President
Louis Reynaud,  Advisor lsr@ucsb.edu Director, UCen and ECen Administration
Annjulie Vester avester@ucsb.edu Graduate Student Association Representative