Coordinating Committee on Budget Strategy (CCBS)

David Marshall, Co-Chair Executive Vice Chancellor; Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Susannah Scott, Co-Chair Chair, Academic Senate; Professor, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gerardo Aldana Dean, College of Creative Studies; Professor, Chicana and Chicano Studies
Rod Alferness Dean and Richard A. Auhll Professor, College of Engineering
Kerry Bierman Staff Representative; Associate Vice Chancellor, Budget and Planning
Forrest Brewer Chair, Academic Senate Council on Research and Instructional Resources; Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Richard Duran Professor, Education; Faculty Equity Advisor
Steve Gaines Dean and Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Chuck Haines Associate Chancellor, Finance and Resource Management
Charlie Hale SAGE Sara Miller McCune Dean of Social Sciences
Mary Hancock Acting Michael Douglas Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts; Professor, Anthropology
Joao Hespanha Faculty Representative; Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joe Incandela Vice Chancellor for Research
Margaret Klawunn Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Justin Lau Associated Students, Director of Budget & Finance
Alex LeBrun Co-President, Graduate Student Association
Garry Mac Pherson Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
Jeffrey Milem Dean and Professor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
Jane Mulfinger Faculty Representative; Professor, Department of Art
Lisa Park Faculty Representative; Professor and Chair, Asian American Studies
Rita Raley Vice Chair, Academic Senate; Associate Professor, English
Belinda Robnett Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Douglas Steigerwald Chair, Academic Senate Council on Planning & Budget; Professor, Economics
David Valentine Faculty Representative; Professor, Earth Science
Christian Villasenor, Ex Officio Executive Director of Academic Affairs
Pierre Wiltzius Dean of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences, College of Letters & Science
Henry Yang, Ex Officio Chancellor
Michael Zargari Student Representative, Student Fee Advisory Committee
Diane O’Brien, Staff Support Executive Assistant to the Chancellor