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Memos to Campus

Executive Vice Chancellor Appointment

December 18, 2003


Dear Colleagues:

As you know, after an extensive campuswide consultation in the summer of 2002, I asked Professor Gene Lucas to serve as the Acting Executive Vice Chancellor, beginning September 1, 2002. In the 16 months since then, I have continuously received feedback that Dr. Lucas has, as expected, provided excellent leadership for the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and has done an outstanding job, especially during this difficult time of budgetary challenges. Based on my own experience of working with him, I completely agree with this assessment.

During the past six months, I have consulted with many faculty colleagues and department chairs on the question of when to proceed with a national search for the next Executive Vice Chancellor. Recently, I asked the Academic Senate for input. The Senate Chair consulted with the Executive Council, which provided the following recommendation:
“By an overwhelming majority, the Executive Council feels that Gene Lucas should be appointed immediately as the EVC for a fixed term of two years, with the understanding that a review will be conducted after the end of that fixed term and a national search for the EVC position will be considered.”

I want to thank the Chair and the Executive Council of our Academic Senate for this recommendation. I have also consulted with a wide range of faculty colleagues, administrators, staff members, and the President and Provost of the University of California.

It is my great pleasure to announce my intention to appoint Professor Lucas as the Executive Vice Chancellor, with terms and conditions as recommended by our Academic Senate. I will make this recommendation to President Dynes, asking for his approval and the approval of the Board of Regents for this appointment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gene for the extraordinary leadership and service he has provided. I am confident that, with his able leadership, our campus will continue to advance to unprecedented heights. 


Henry T. Yang