January 3, 2020

Dear Members of Our Campus Community,

I write to announce the formation of the Master Circulation Plan Committee for our campus.

The Master Circulation Plan Committee will work with a consultant to develop a master plan for vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian circulation systems on our campus. The committee will help the campus identify circulation systems that are currently working, where they are experiencing conflict and lack of capacity, and how these systems can be planned for more optimal functioning as the campus continues to grow. The committee will also study the location of roadways and bicycle and pedestrian paths, as well as plans for vehicle and bicycle parking.

I would like to express my appreciation in advance to all of our committee members for their willingness to devote their time and wisdom to help us with the important campus planning.


Henry T. Yang

Master Circulation Plan Committee

Joel Michaelsen, Co-Chair; Faculty Advisor, Finance & Resource Management; Professor Emeritus, Geography
Garry Mac Pherson, Co-Chair; Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Bassam Bamieh, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Mo Lovegreen, Staff representative; Executive Officer, Geography; Director, Campus Sustainability
Denise Montell, Professor, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Volker Welter, Professor, History of Art and Architecture
Dennis Whelan, Associate Campus Architect
TBD, A.S. Bikes representative
TBD, Graduate Student Association representative
TBD, Associated Students representative

Ex Officio:
RenĂ©e Bahl, Associate Vice Chancellor, Design, Facilities and Safety Services
Nestor Covarrubias, Director, Transportation and Parking Services
Alissa Hummer, Director, Campus Planning and Design
Jennifer Lofthus, Policy Coordinator and Deputy ADA Compliance Officer
Martin Shumaker, Executive Director, Budget & Planning