Search Advisory Committee for VC for Budget and Planninh

August 22, 2001


Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that the search advisory committee for the Vice Chancellor for Budget and Planning has been formed, and that Professor Tom Gerig has kindly agreed to serve as chair to the committee.  The roster of the committee is listed below.  An announcement of the position will be circulated shortly.

I thank all those who have been part of the consultation process in the formation of this committee.  I also thank the members and chair of the committee in advance for their generous commitment of time, wisdom, and energy in their important work that lies ahead.


Henry T. Yang

Search Advisory Committee for the Vice Chancellor for Budget and Planning
Tom Gerig, Chair (Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Vice Chair, Academic Senate Committee on  Academic Personnel)
Porter Abbott (Professor, English; Acting Director, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center)
Michael Brown (Professor, Education; Chair, Academic Senate Committee on  Admissions and Enrollment)
David Chapman (Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology)
Carol Genetti (Associate Professor and Chair, Linguistics)
Elvin Hatch (Professor, Anthropology)
Sally Holbrook (Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology)
Beth LePoire (Associate Professor, Communications)
Gene Lucas  (Professor, Chemical Engineering; Associate Dean of Engineering)
Joel Michaelsen (Professor, Geography; Vice Chair, Academic Senate Committee on Educational Policy and Academic Planning)
Stephan Miescher (Associate Professor, History; Representative, Academic Senate Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity)
Harry Nelson (Professor, Physics; Co-Chair, Highway 217 Advisory Committee)
Denise Segura (Professor, Sociology)
Louise Moore (Director, Research Administration)
Brian Hampton (Associated Students)
Graduate Student Association (TBA)

Ex officio:
Duncan Mellichamp (Professor, Chemical Engineering; Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Long-Range Planning)

Consultant to the Committee:
Raymond Huerta (Coordinator, Affirmative Action Office)