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Welcome to UC Santa Barbara!

It is my great honor to serve this vibrant campus community, where breakthroughs in scholarship, research, and discovery happen every day. This is made possible through our commitment to academic excellence, diversity, accessibility, and affordability, areas in which we consistently receive high national and international rankings.

We proudly enroll a competitive and diverse student body of more than 23,000 students. These students are the heart of our educational mission, and the motivation of our faculty and staff. They are part of a strong university family that has included six faculty Nobel Laureates; hundreds of elected members of prestigious national academic organizations; and countless distinguished alumni, including an alumna who won a Nobel Prize in 2009.

Our combined successes are the result of a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration that is responsive to the needs of our state, our nation, and our global society. As we educate the next generation of future leaders, we strive to nuture not just great scholars, but good stewards who will go out and impact the world.


Henry T. Yang

Recent Memos to the Campus

November 30, 2016 Sad News - Professor Emeritus Robert Murray Thomas
November 21, 2016 Sad News - Professor Emeritus Ernest Sturm
November 2, 2016 Sad News - Professor Emeritus Walter Mead
October 27, 2016 Sad News - Professor Emeritus David Caldwell
September 8, 2016 New Student Convocation on September 19, 2016
September 1, 2016 Search Advisory Committee for AVC/Dean of Undergraduate Education
August 29, 2016 Sad News - Professor John Robert Haller

Chancellor Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang

Henry T. Yang
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

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5221 Cheadle Hall

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UCSB in the News

  • UCSB Reads ‘Into the Beautiful North’

    Stories of impoverished Mexicans struggling to reach the U.S. and its promise of a better life are a staple in literature. Luis Alberto Urrea took this narrativ…

  • Soil pHertility

    For some time now, scientists have known that climate influences soil chemistry — and, in particular, soil pH, a measure of acidity or alkalinity. In dry climat…

  • Praise for Polymer Science

    UC Santa Barbara engineer Glenn Fredrickson has received the 2016 William H. Walker Award for Excellence in Contributions to Chemical Engineering Literature fro…

  • Another Major Breakthrough

    Awarded for his transformative advances in quantum field theory, string theory and quantum gravity, distinguished UC Santa Barbara physicist Joseph Polchinski h…

  • Solar Cell Game Changer

    With a new technique for manufacturing single-layer organic polymer solar cells, scientists at UC Santa Barbara and three other universities might very well mov…

  • Using the Force

    Whether building organs or maintaining healthy adult tissues, cells use biochemical and mechanical cues from their environment to make important decisions, such…

  • Teaching Toward the Future

    Tine Falk Sloan, director of the Teacher Education Program (TEP) at UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, is one of three recipients of the 2…

  • Art on the Set

    One day in 1995 Constance Penley got a phone call that would change her life. On the other end was “this crazy artist from Texas” named Mel Chin, and he had a p…

  • Science vs. Cinema

    UC Santa Barbara astrophysicist Andy Howell is a self-proclaimed film geek. In his spare time, the staff scientist at the Las Cumbres Observatory reviews films…

  • International Kudos

    In the 12 years since David Gross won his Nobel Prize, the UC Santa Barbara theoretical physicist has been celebrated myriad times. His latest accolades come fr…

  • Fundamental Fellows

    Einstein’s theory of general relativity and quantum theory are among the 20th century’s most significant advancements in the field of physics. And yet they are…

  • At the Top of Their Game

    Usually, a team at UC Santa Barbara preparing for an intercollegiate national championship would be big news. Fans, hoopla, campus pride — you couldn’t miss it.…

  • Engineering Success

    If you’re a college undergrad, you know full well your third year is your moment of truth. Gone are the days of tentatively exploring your major; gone is much o…

  • Missed Connections

    Studies of brain activity typically draw their findings from measurement averages across entire groups of subjects. But new research out of UC Santa Barbara tha…

  • An Honor of Note

    Francisco Lomelí had no idea he was being considered for membership in a prestigious organization of Spanish language scholars. And then out of the blue word ca…

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