David Marshall, Co-Chair david.marshall@ucsb.edu Executive Vice Chancellor
Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Co-Chair bhavnani@ucsb.edu Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, International Initiatives; Professor, Sociology
George Thurlow george.thurlow@ia.ucsb.edu Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Isla Vista Affairs; Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Affairs
Ricardo Alcaino ricardo.alcaino@ucsb.edu Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Prevention
Katya Armistead katya.armistead@sa.ucsb.edu Assistant Vice Chancellor/Dean of Students
Renée Bahl renee.bahl@ucsb.edu Associate Vice Chancellor for Design, Facilities and Safety Services
Henning Bohn henning.bohn@ucsb.edu Academic Senate Chair; Professor, Economics
Kirsten Deshler kirsten.deshler@ia.ucsb.edu Director, Governmental Relations
Ruth Finkelstein finkelst@lifesci.ucsb.edu Professor, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Chuck Haines chuck.haines@ucsb.edu Assistant Chancellor, Financial and Resource Management
Margaret Klawunn Margaret.klawunn@sa.ucsb.edu Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Hieu Le president@as.ucsb.edu President, Associated Students Representative
John Longbrake john.longbrake@ucsb.edu Associate Vice Chancellor, Public Affairs and Communications
Harry Nelson hnn@hep.ucsb.edu Professor, Physics
Dustin Olson dustin.olson@police.ucsb.edu Chief of Police
Ann Plane plane@history.ucsb.edu Professor, History
Victor Rios vrios@soc.ucsb.edu Professor, Sociology
Ram Seshadri seshadri@mrl.ucsb.edu Professor, Materials and Chemistry
Tim Sherwood sherwood@cs.ucsb.edu Professor, Computer Science
David Stamps gsapresident.ucsb@gmail.com President, Graduate Student Association
Batsheva Stoll evpla@as.ucsb.edu External Vice President, Associated Students Representative
Jeffrey Stewart jstewart@blackstudies.ucsb.edu Professor and Chair, Black Studies
Richard Watts richard.watts@ucsb.edu Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor
Kim Yasuda yasuda@arts.ucsb.edu Professor, Art
TBD   Staff representative
Diane O'Brien, Staff Support diane.obrien@ucsb.edu Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, Office of the Chancellor